Too buzy

Friday 12.33 pm

Long lunch break, from 12.15 to 2.45 pm. Everybody was already out, enjoying the break. And I'm choosing to stay here, with the intention to update my blog, after about two weeks dropped my last post.

There are a lot of things I want to say it out through blogging, but because it was really hard to find time to write.. so it is hurting me.

Today as early as 6 in the morning, I got a message from my Naqibah, saying that she intentionally sending a message at that time just to tell me to not stop improving myself to be real a muslimah. She ends the message with "uhibbuki fillah". So sweet, you make my day sis!

I reply her by saying "Thanks a lot. I'm too dont want to give up in improving myself, but what comes together with the effort to improve self is a tremendous workload that need to be done in 24 hours. It was just last night when I was shouting to my roommate "O time, please stop a while, I still have a lot of things not be done yet!!". O sis, please pray for me, me too uhibbuki fillah".

Perhaps you people who read this post still blur on what actually I want to talk about. Haha if you do, then I would say "I'm sorry". Actually I want to say that "I'm having a tremendous workload, and I felt that time was never enough to finish up all this workload!!"

May be there is anymous who eager to know where the workloads come from? I'm not a student who suffer with hundrends of assignment and due dates.. I'm not a worker who have to bring her works home everyday.. I'm not a mother with 9 children who need her attention at day and night.. I'm not a prime ministry who carry the burden of a country on her shoulder.. then who I am?

I'M A MUSLIM.. to be a real Muslim in the world like today, you know there are a lot to be done. Because a real Muslim need to put ISLAM at the place where it deserve to be.. ISLAM have to be in the heart of all Muslims, who then practising it in every seconds of their life.. only if we successfully accomplish this task, then we will see ISLAM on the top of the world, separating piece to every inch of the world.  

This is why I was wonder why there are Muslims that have so many leisure time, which they spent for playing game, watching movie, wandering here and there etc... this is something to ponder right??!

Though I'm being very buzy on the road of life I chose, but amazingly this is how I felt the happiness =)

This bustle, of course it's tiring.. that why I need Allah, to keep me forever on this road no matter how tiring it will be, because only this road ends with His blessing. And I believe that the tiring is the price for the great heaven offered to those who success!! All the best to every one! Gambate!

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